Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bernie Sanders and Evo Morales: my heroes

Every now and then a truly independent, personally morally responsible, person rises to national political office. Today's broadcast from Copenhagen starts with portions of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders introducing his single-payer amendment to the health care bill, prophesying that sometime after he is gone, the social good will prevail over the imperative for corporate growth. That was followed by Amy Goodman's interview with Bolivian President Evo Morales--their second exclusive interview at least.
Jill and I visited our Katy three times in Bolivia while she was was an agricultural volunteer in the Peace Corps, and so I pay particular attention to news from that country.
Twice now in Goodman's interviews, I have found myself feeling that here in Mr. Morales is the peacemaking leader I dream of. I encourage readers to see this interview of his, where he concludes that getting better is our primary threat to getting well with our mother earth. Wow Mr. President! Love and peace, hal

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