Friday, January 8, 2010

How would I withdraw from Afghanistan, exchange on the humanist soc list

On orderly Withdrawal from Afghanistan
Hal Pepinsky,,
January 8, 2010

excerpts from an ongoing conversation on , the humanist sociology ( listserv, which incidentally meets next in November in Santa Fe. The posts begin with my latest this pm and go with two other regulars on the list, Megan and Olaf:

I think I would approach both problems as one of orderly, responsible, separation, as between angry distrustful parents in a divorce settlement. Terms of withdrawal are tactical and openly negotiated with folks who will let the withdrawing foreigners move out with a modicum of dignified safe passage. This is how I envision effective peacemaking. Thanks for asking

So, why do think it is ethical to pull out, with severe oppression in the
wake, including executions, etc.? I.e. tremendous suffering of the civilian
population, specifically women? Why is that any more ethical than fighting
against it? Why is it ethical to stand on the sidelines and let (I do not
know how many) North-Koreans die from starvation? Why is it ethical to let
Bob of Zimbabwe do his thing? Why is it ethical to let Iran build a nuclear
bomb? (I mean they have enough oil to do without nuclear power). Why was it
OK to let Hitler invade Czechoslovakia?

Cheers, Olaf.

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Megan, is it ethical to continue [fighting in Afghanistan, when you say it is unethical to quit]? l&p hal

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