Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I Feel the Earth Shift (Carole King)

Hal Pepinsky,;
June 9, 2010
I feel myself living in the midst of when prophecy fails in the Gulf of Mexico. I think all of us who live in the Eastern United States are trying to stave off reality, which as I see reality, is elemental inference from the oil wound in the Gulf.
The US government persuaded BP to drill a second “relief well” to take a shot on shutting off oil hemorrhage. It is reported that the government demanded BP drill a second relief hole because the chances are so slim that either hole will connect with a magic 6-8 inches of hole to shut off the perhaps 100,000 barrels of oil that are due to spew out of the Mexico gulf wound for what an oil hydrologist on today project is enough pressure to keep spewing for 20-30 years.
I see no way that the already overfished, arctically melting Euro-American-centered North Atlantic Ocean will tilt a global re-balance, in which Euro-Americo-Atlanticus becomes a human wasteland.
No need to panic. Most everyone who reads this message is for our lifetimes relatively, personally survivable. But let’s be honest among ourselves: In echoes across the North Atlantic gulf stream from below New Orleans to above Reykjavik, the era of Euro-American imperialism is ending, and for generations to come, the North Atlantic region will largely wallow in its own waste. I don’t wish my own family and friends in this portion of the globe any ill will, but it just seems that we in the North Atlantic community are becoming global climatic refugees of our own making. I hope we live with this new reality in grace and mutual dignity. Love and peace--hal

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