Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CIA in Pakistan: so transparent

Hal Pepinsky,,
February 23, 2011
I’m claiming bragging rights about the US “consultant” who shot two local guys on motorcycles to death. I didn’t want to hurt Mr. Davis by saying the obvious: When he claimed “consultancy” and the John Kerry showed up to apologize and beg for his release, Mr. Davis was obviously a CIA operative. For anyone who halfway tracks US cloak and dagger, it’s just so damned obvious. I’m saddened that such transparent US espionage is, it is said, coming out when the NYT agreed to keep Mr. Davis’s US job secret. There’s an impolite word for in diplomacy for Mr. Davis’s job in Islamabad: spy. When the US is trying to fight foreign devil doers, I find the story of our own home grown CIA spy in Pakistan sobering. L&p hal

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