Friday, March 11, 2011

gaia quakes

Hal Pepinsky,,
March 11, 2011
I don’t think earthquakes in Christchurch and at Northern Honshu are accidents. On one hand we have uprisings in the Eastern Mediterranean basin, from Tunisia to 4 prosecutions of the Italian president. It’s not just about climate change. I think mother earth is shifting to let us know that we humans are hurting her, by rpg’s or economic suffering among workers in Greece, Ireland, Madison Wisconsin, or wherever. While there are social tidal waves in the Atlantic Basin, our earth mother shifts the floor of the West Pacific under “civilization” in New Zealand and Honshu.
There’s no apocalypse of course. Human beings are just an annoyance on the earth’s surface. But from Japan to New Zealand to Chile to Haiti, our mama earth seems to be telling us that we are stressing out life support on earth’s surface. I think our mother is sending us a message about human excess in believing that human growth and species arrogance is sustainable to us, never mind the planet that seems to be trying to shake us humans off her surface. Love and peace--hal


  1. I wonder if Mother Earth keeps time on the Myan Calendar.

  2. Mayfair Taylor sent me your blog...totally agree!

    What's coming next, we have no clue...What times to be living in!

    Some say we chose to be born just now, to help poor old Mother Earth...