Monday, May 2, 2011

the fallacy of taking out "leaders"

Al Qaeda never had a leader
Hal Pepinsky,,
May 2, 2011
I believe al Qaeda never had a leader, and for that matter, when the US has a president who can be led to support a war in Afghanistan while campaigning for office and to proceed at an obviously orchestrated and timed event that our president approved with probably negligible historical sense of why there should be a May Day assassination of a mythical “leader” whose whereabouts President Obama had allegedly known for half a year, I think it mythical that any US president since Eisenhower’s warning about the military industrial complex has been leading rather than being led by forces he has no sense of control over either. Militarism is a force that knows no personal leadership, anywhere, anymore. Organized violence is a headless force, over which no head incarnate has control in the US, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan, in Iran, in Israel, in Egypt, in Bahrain, in Syria…getting personal and beheading “leaders” is a global delusion. Love and peace--hal

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  1. In the first few minutes of the youtube video "preachers of hate":

    you can see & hear convicted terrorist recruiter Abu Abdullah/Atilla Ahmet refer to "human sacrifice at Bohemian Grove", while publicly promoting hatred and murderous violence in the UK. He later pled guilty to inciting murder.

    A group like Al Qaeda might not need leaders, if there were enough Atilla Ahmets, Alex Jones-es and Hal Pepinskys propagating hatred-incitement fantasies.