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Israel-Palestine a conversation

Re: Is the NY Times Biased on Israel/Palestine?
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On Tuesday, August 30, 2011, Hal Pepinsky wrote:

The answer is yes.

In my experience, it is because in the US (and Canada), media and mid-east politics are controlled by Jewish Zionists.

In the fall of 1945 when I was born, my mom and I would have been with my dad in Austin, Texas, except that the Texas Board of Regents rejected his appointment as the first Jew on the faculty there. I have similar stories of anti-Semitism on behalf of a brother, of my father, and on behalf of his father, both of whom were in academia in the US at major universities.

On the other hand my mother is gentile, and so -- according to conservative Judaism -- am I. I joined a de facto Jewish fraternity in college and went on dates with Jewish sorority members who grilled me and declared they couldn't get serious with anyone who wasn't Jewish.

I've lived on both sides. I know of ecumenical peace groups both in the US and in Israel/Palestine who transcend secularism. Unfortunately, my fellow Jews who have risen to the top in the media and in national politics are Zionist, including those who have been at the top of the New York Times.

In Germany, had I been a child of the 1930s, no doubt I would have been fodder for Hitler's gas chambers. But he played on a stereotype that we ought to talk about -- about prominent success by those among us who happen to be Jews.

In today's world, that success in the media and in politics in the US happens to equate, unfortunately, with Zionist bigotry against Palestinians. Here's hoping that sentiment relents.

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