Friday, October 21, 2011

goodby Gaddafi

I'm glad that what to do with or in support of Gaddafi is literally a dead issue. Was he tortured at the end for a minutes? How easily we dismiss torture and extrajudicial killing when it continues to be US govt policy. Last summer, July I think it was, I blogged that Gaddafi was a dead man. As it had to be, so happily for Libyans Gaddafi is bygone.

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  1. I read comments and one thing that surprises me is to see about blaming America for everything. As if the whole world is foolish and Americans are controlling all. I would say has any one ever met any one outside India and talked about politics. Has any one ever made friends with Arabs, Iranians or Europeans. Do people know, Iranians are way more racist than any European. They call Africans gorilla hate Arabs more than anybody(calls them Berber in Farsi). The world is not controlled by Americans and sometimes wars are inevitable. And when an Army of any country enters any region, civilians will die. In hindi: "Genhu ke saath dhun pista hain". As long as we humans are here, there will be war some where for some reason. Till then choose your side and hope it wins the war. From my point of view, in current world, a dominant Western power is far better than a dominant Chinese or Arab power.