Monday, November 5, 2012

Something to Celebrate on Election Eve

AN ELECTION EVE GIFT: Live from NY on Democracy Now!
Hal Pepinsky,,
November 5, 2012
                I just received a gift, of the need for public service, from Amy Goodman and the intrepid local news staff of Democracy Now!--a chance to see live, from Rockaway and Staten Island, New York, human life in Sandy’s wake.  The only outside group from anywhere either place came immediately as the storm subsided to Rockaway from Occupy Wall Street.  A coordinator in that group invites anyone to show up to help, but only if one brings one’s own supplies, as for cleaning.
                See and hear Mayor Bloomberg  facing  angry  residents with a promise that bottled water was on its way.
                I wonder:  What kind of a country do we live in, where presidents and governors and local officials haven’t mobilized police, fighter fighters, military academy cadets, national guard, and active duty military personnel and local government workers, to put away their fighting gear and bring supplies and simple door-to-door service to the people of the New York region?
                 Locally long term, how about applying lessons from Sandy into broadening our definition of law enforcement in areas threatened by poverty and street violence, to include working side by side with residents while on duty as by checking in on seniors?  Wouldn’t that enhance trust and cooperation between police and residents in troubled neighborhoods and keep violence off the streets?
                Gifts are of value only if they are received.  If you look at Democracy Now! from today and from lower Manhattan yesterday, you’ll see things are bad across the region.  Isn’t our mishandling of this disaster as crucial a political matter as any you might be voting for?  I want friends abroad to call us to account for national political indifference to the most acute needs of our own people.  I am sorry for the state of political affairs in my country.  I celebrate the heroism of those on the New York disaster scene, for they too are my people.  Insofar as we learn from disaster victims at the heart of global capital at this “crucial” national political hour, I have at least one story of heroic peacemaking to share with my compatriots to share.  I’m posting this blog to the folks at Democracy Now! to thank them for yet another profound national wake-up call.  love and peace, Hal

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