Saturday, April 20, 2013

Crime and Conflict: a study of law and society (1976)

NOTE: It has been brought to my attention that dropbox material cannot be made publicly viewable.  Anyone who wants a copy of this pdf file may simply ask me to send it as an email attachment--hal

CRIME AND CONFLICT: A Study of Law and Society (1976)
Hal Pepinsky,, skype name halpep, “peacemaking” at
April 20, 2013

                I just discovered that I hold the copyright on my first book, first published in London by Martin Robertson in their “law in society” series, then in the US by Academic Press, New York.  In this book, the lawyer in me played social engineer, to deal with the state-licensed violence I called “appropriation,” in a critique of the rule of law grounded in Maoist theory and practice.  I have scanned the book (pdf file just over 3mb), and put it in my dropbox at .
                I’m still learningJ.  Love and peace--hal

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