Friday, August 30, 2013

Good and Evil

Hal Pepinsky,, “peacemaking” at
August 30, 2013

                As I became acquainted with survivors of intergenerational satanic ritual torture twenty years ago, I became fascinated trying to understand the religious convictions that motivated those who led satanic ritual human sacrifice.  I found an answer in the writings of Albert Pike, who became the first grandmaster Scottish Rite free mason in the US in Charleston in 1803, and who also became an early KKK organizer, a white supremacist.  Pike celebrated human sacrificial rites in the US southwest.  He also avowedly worshiped Lucifer, God’s favorite son who betrayed his Father and was sent to hell.  Luciferans believe that Lucifer, God’s truly firstborn son, will ultimately prove supremely powerful over God the Father.  Whether or not Pike performed human sacrifices as occult masonic rites (as many survivors I know have experienced evenings in masonic lodges), this idea that by commanding life by mortal conquest and literal blood-and-flesh communion, one will prove to be among those chosen for the highest promise of everlasting life.
                Survivors, raised to believe that they were “illuminati,” which dovetails into those who believe themselves to be blood descendants of a child of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, smuggled out of the Holy Land into Europe, protected by descendants of the knights templar, told me of being privy to plans for closet political and military actors to cause enough chaos and war worldwide, for Lucifer’s apocalypse to have exterminated all inferior human life.  Essentially, might makes the right to get to heaven.
                As I hear relentless “red line” justifications for US military invasion of Syria, I hear conviction that right demands that we demonstrate might.  Historically, relentlessly, I see forces justifying and expanding “necessary” military, police and “intelligence”/propaganda extermination of people gone bad and their things.  I ask myself how people I believe sincere that destruction opposes evil justify their beliefs to themselves.  I find these days that people generally have no time to think much beyond deciding whose side to support or resist.  I’m sure President Obama is in that position, as his advisers continually present him with options to choose among, right now on what to do to maintain the credibility of US military superiority when he has publicly checked the box that says he believes the Syrian government is to blame for the nerve gas attack.  Regardless of the church Mr. Obama does or does not go to at the moment, I believe he is sincere in trying to do his personal best to serve his God in this life-and-death moment.  I don’t envy him his position.  Nonetheless, the only justification I can see for how US presidents keep relying on questionable, often made-up pretexts for bombing places around the world, in the name of befriending people and making ourselves safer, is Albert Pike and Prince Machiavelli’s prophecy that those the militarily mightiest are the supremely right guarantors of ultimate human social order.  I know the mix includes those who avow satanism and luciferanism, if known only to “chosen” people like the intergenerational survivors of their torture whom I have known, who have escaped.
                I come back to my conviction that it makes no sense to classify entire human beings as good or evil.  But I do in a sense consider the force of military-prison-industrial to be the force I am trying to counter, to resist, and that in this sense, I hold my god of love superior in my response to violence to the God that drives fear through us, which in its excesses, I consider to be embody what I treat as the forces of evil.  Love and peace--hal


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  2. I require that you substantiate and document your assertion about Albert Pike, specifically about his human sacrifice and Luciferan worship.
    It is so easy trash folks who are dead and no longer able to defend their ideas.

    1. I read his own words to that effect, Dick. He himself claimed both in books of his I read early on, and these memories stuck. It was 20 years ago but these two things he wrote about did stick out, and biographers did place him with the Klan. I'm sorry I offended you. I don't think it would help to try to go back hunting through the books.
      I talked a lot about all my thoughts about all the independent stories from survivors of satanic abuse they associated with rituals in masonic lodges with you several years ago. You long ago made it plain how the freemasonry you have known has shown no trace of such thinking or practice, and of all the good things you and your brothers do.
      What I am trying to do is to understand the basic faith and beliefs of the only practitioners of serial human sacrifice who define themselves in terms that Pike used to declare his own highest beliefs. As you have made clear to me, Dick, it is a total perversion of everything in freemasonry you and your brothers hold dear.
      I'm so sorry to have implied otherwise to you and to any other reader. l&p hal