Sunday, September 8, 2013


Hal Pepinsky,,
September 8, 2013

                Once again, as it was so often during the Cold War, it is claimed that US credibility depends on US forces carrying out US military threats, right or wrong, for its own sake.  How about the credibility of a US president who pledges to support and defend the US constitution, under which the UN Charter’s restrictions on use of military force have become the supreme law of the land?  How about the credibility especially of a president said to be an authority on constitutional law?  I say the credibility of the US government respect for its treaty obligations trumps vigilantism.  Love and peace--hal

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  1. Professor Pepinsky,
    I posted on my blog recently an article published in El Pais just talking about this "wave of militarization" in the world (you can read it here:
    It's sad. In the name of human rights many violent and genocidal flags have been raised and are still being flown. Critical theories demonstrate for us the real and undeclared speech. Agostinho Ramalho, a great brazilian psychoanalyst, would tell us: "Who protect us from the goodness of the good?".
    I'm reading your work and desire to work with peacemaking criminology in my land as soon as possible.
    Hugs and greetings from Brazil.
    Adrian Silva