Friday, September 5, 2014

My home's architect, Ted VanFossen, on the design of our Rush Creek Village

In 1970, my dad, Harold B. Pepinsky (I'm Harold E.) published a chapter by Rush Creek Village architect Ted VanFossen.  I finally sat down and read the chapter through for the first time, and am awed at Ted's command of the history of architecture, and by his nuanced description of Frank Lloyd Wright's principles of organic architecture, which he applies in detail to the design of the Turner tower house. I can't upload the pdf copy of the chapter (and somewhat fuzzy copy of my dad's preface before it).  I have deposited it in Rush Creek Villages rcv-test dropbox, both in the VanFossen general history folder, and in the Pepinsky house history folder.  I'd be happy to send the chapter to anyone as an attachment, by email request to  l&p hal

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