Sunday, May 31, 2015

how Nils Christie died

Hal Pepinsky,, “peacemaking” at
May 31, 2015
 I thank Mette Ofstad, whose family and mine befriended when they spent a year in Bloomington, for sending me this news of how Nils Christie died:
I just wanted to tell you that Nils Christie died on Thursday 27th May. Actually he was in the centre of Oslo when a tram hit him. It is so sad. He was a very well known person in Norway.
 Nils Christie long ago became a big part of my family’s life, one of my most profound teachers.
 It was a mystery to us at the Justice Studies Association meeting how Nils had died, only that it was sudden.  Nils remains alive in my memories of our times together, and in all that he taught me to see and to question, most profoundly in myself, just as he has done with so many people in his many walks of life throughout the world.  I celebrate the news that when he died, it was without warning and without suffering, as the vigorous and youthful educator he remains to me.  Love and peace, hal

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