Thursday, April 14, 2016


Returning to Peacemaking

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April 14, 2016


                When I went to Poland last August for four months to join my wife, Jill Bystydzienski, on her research Fulbright, I lost my Google password, and without US phone service, could not recover it.  A radio broadcast last weekend triggered me to resume blogging, now that Jill and I are back home in Ohio:

                Last weekend in her NPR program “On Being” (during the local station’s fundraising), host Krista Tippett introduced her Civil Conversations Project (CCP), at .  It reminded me of an article turned chapter on A Criminologist’s Quest for Peace on “Cultivation Community in Conversational Circles” (free download at , references at , complete volume at ).

                This is just one example of the fact that there are many words and phrases for the process I call “peacemaking,” the subject of this blog.  Peacemaking is a balanced conversation.  Peacemaking occurs in circle processes.  It describes conversations as I tried to facilitate them in victim-offender mediation.  Krista Tippett’s work is grounded in theology, just as I find peacemaking to be grounded in all religious traditions.  CCP homepage features a variety of interviews with people who have in many ways, many contexts, and many terms have told stories (aka “narratives”) of peacemaking in practice.  Peacemaking actually happens a lot in all walks of life, as the CCP demonstrates all by itself, if only we notice and try.  It pays not to get hung up on what to call it.  Thanks, Krista, for giving me great material to share, to inspire me to resume this blog.  Here’s to civilizing our conversations.  Love and peace, Hal

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