Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Why did Stephen Braddock commit the Las Vegas massacre?


Hal Pepinsky, pepinsky@indiana.edu, “peacemaking” at pepinsky.blogspot.com

October 3, 2017


                In the fall of 1993, thanks to a protective mother, Debbie Dugan, who had lost custody of her children to an apparently sexually assaultive father, and her mother (Mary Cunningham), a pair of with 3 other protective parents were referred to for assistance by similarly parents in fighting to maintain or retain custody of children who reported similar sexual assault, who agreed for free to team up with me to focus a “seminar on feminist justice” on “children’s rights and safety.”  By the second semester, Mary and Debbie provided me and other seminar members with visits by two survivors born to intergenerational, Satanically, Luciferian religiously grounded intergenerational participation in rituals up to and including daughters of cult leaders who were impregnated at age 13, with sons delivered by caesarian section to have the heart ground and blood drained into the satanic literal equivalent of Christian communion by bread and wine.  One, a friend to this day, was Jeanette Westbrook, ritually tortured like so many others I came to know into “multiple personalities,” later called “dissociative identities.”  Like other survivors I met who have found safety, who became “co-conscious” with the programming they had received to carry out a mixture of private and government organized crime, including getting video of sexual activity with minors on people, principally white men, with private and public power and prominence, from local and trans-national law enforcement and espionage activity, and programming some of them instead to kill or to carry contraband, or classified information in a personality/identity that could be called out by a specific handler or signal.  I met survivors who had “reintegrated” their memories and found safe companionship livelihoods, often as therapists, first at “Survivorship” (www.survivorship.org) and then at “SMART” (Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today) conferences organized by survivors, www.ritualabuse.us , organizer Neil Brick became a regular seminar visitor beginning in 1998) conferences, from where many of my seminar guests came from across the US and Canada, plus therapists who worked with survivors, until I retired in 2009. A more detailed account of the seminar and what students and I learned there can be found in an article, “Sharing and Responding to Memories, [“Sharing and Responding to Memories.”  Pp. 1360-1374, American Behavioral Scientist 48 (10) (June 2005)].

                Jeanette and other survivors pointed to the 1962 film, “The Manchurian Candidate,” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Manchurian_Candidate_(1962_film)], saying it reflected their own experience at being trained by early childhood torture to split into secret parts to perform any of the various jobs mentioned above.  Tortured into splitting, being trained to “switch” into a covert world, to do as trained; whether perhaps with a phone call with a certain number of rings or other form of contact or signal like a bit of graffiti, the equivalent of the Queen of Diamonds in the film—not by Korean Communists, but by their own kind.  To survivors and in turn to me, in the case of mass shootings when out of nowhere, people with no record of violence suddenly launched mass shootings, in cases like Las Vegas where relatives deny any suspicion that the shooters to be were accumulating stores of weapons (given that among survivors I have known, they alone among siblings have been singled out as especially capable of dissociation and therefore candidates to inherit and serves the sacred, covert cause, or who have been experimented on and programmed as prisoners and mental health patients, as by the CIA, then the NSA in the US and Canada.

                What would be the motive for programming, then triggering, Stephen Braddock to come out of nowhere to commit mass murder/suicide?  In satanic terms, the followers of Lucifer, who have learned to hold supposedly honest power to bring about the day when the followers of extreme violence prevail over the God of love and trust.  Promoting mass fear and punitive, fear-induced security measures becomes the religious calling.

Like Jeanette, many who are tortured and shaped into dissociated violence find safety and support sufficient to escape and survive in safety and openness.  They find and report that others fail the test of becoming Satanists either self-destruct or are put away as dangerously insane when they act out on their own.  Finding safety and healing can be a long and hard process, but I know a remarkable number of well-healed, strong and compassionate survivors, especially when they are believed and trusted by safe and loving friends and companions.

                At a time when no “expert” can identify what led Stephen Braddock to set up and emerge from nowhere suspect to die in the glory of having killed so many, I offer the possibility that somehow, in some remaining network of raising children to commit mass murder of innocents and die, he was raised to be one more Manchurian candidate.  We’ll see if Braddock’s “motive” ever comes to light.  For myself, many of my colleagues think I’m an irrational conspiracy theorist in this and other cases.  Still, it’s a plausible hypothesis to me, the only one I’ve heard.  Love and peace, hal



  1. I see that you are ragging about your criminal exploits again, Hal. But you're obviously still running around free, so I assume that means you still haven't published a detailed confession of your criminal facilitation of non-custodial parenting kidnapping - with all the names, places, dates, etc. There's still time for you to come clean and take responsibility for all the pain and suffering you caused.
    Would it help, if I was to file a complaint against you with the FBI? Then an agent could come to your home and help you to remember all of those details, eh?

  2. Sorry, "bragging" about your criminal exploits I meant to say.