Thursday, April 3, 2014

all's well

                            All's well
Hal Pepinsky,, "peacemaking" at

  In one hour, I take my guitar to my late mom's nursing home, the Laurels of Worthington, where Kristine Provan will be for us to do our less than hour-long singalong.  Then I have a brief meeting with Marcia Conrad to set a time for her Columbus State students to do an environmental study of our houses.  Our gas bill maxes out at $250 in the worse winter weather, and the electric bill for ac on hottest summer days maxes out at $250 too.  We have double-paned glass throughout both houses, all the insulation we need.
  That is all the business I have for today.  It is purely relaxation before I get a good night's sleep and go for a routine abdominal CAT scan to verify that I have no aortic aneurism there tomorrow at 8am, after which I return home for my usual breakfast.
  All of which is to say that life is copacetic.  love and peace, hal

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