Thursday, April 10, 2014

Think One Step Ahead

Hal Pepinsky,, “peacemaking” at
April 10, 2014

                My wife Jill and I have just survived the most intense moment in our 41 years together, me (in)voluntarily committed to a mental hospital for what turned out to be exactly 30 days, emerging rested and at peace with myself and my body, Jill emotionally exhausted.  I have gotten through it with minimal effort by simply following one peacemaking rule I had long embraced even before I became a volunteer victim-offender mediator in Bloomington, Indiana, in 1997: Think first of how I feel, then pause long enough to pick a way of expressing it that reassures others that I am perfectly safe to be with.  Invariably, living by this one simple rule, I feel safe in any situation, period.  Love and peace--hal

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