Friday, October 3, 2014's US war teach-in


Hal Pepinsky,, “peacemaking” at

October 3, 2014


                The last two days, has offered a comprehensive teach-in on US warfare in Iraq and its wider history:

·         Yesterday’s first segment, an interview with Iraqi novelist and journalist Sinan Antoon, on how the US de-Ba’athified and divided occupied Iraq, .

·         Background: Henry Kissinger’s proposal that if elected to stay in office, President Ford bomb Cuba to destroy the state, .

·         First segment in today’s broadcast, home page at Iraq Veterans Against the War.  They are about to put out a statement condemning renewed US air bombardment there.

·         The second segment is a return interview with Jeremy Scahill, trained both in law and at itself.  Scahill, author of “Dirty Wars,” has been on the ground in virtually every recent war ground, from Iraq through Yemen.  His is the most well-nuanced, succinct summary of recent US involvement in Iraq and its results I have heard.  He is co-founder of The Intercept.


I return to a simile I drew when the US invaded Afghanistan in 2001.  The US has figured out how to kill without being killed, so spectacularly so that we fire Cruise missiles by the hundreds at over a million dollars a shot, and release bombs bursting to the media.  Scahill mentions that one ISIL leader is a former Iraqi Ba’athist general, cast out by Paul Bremer in May 2003.  Participants in all three segments agree that the bombardment creates more US enemies than it kills.  As I said of Afghanistan, US bombardment has the same effect as fighting a grease fire with a water hose.  Sad but true.  Love and peace, hal

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