Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Elise Boulding


Hal Pepinsky, pepinsky@indiana.edu, “peacemaking” at pepinsky.blogspot.com

October 14, 2014


                Today, from Richard Quinney, I received a copy of an obituary in The Norwegian American Weekly for Elise Boulding that appears online at http://www.na-weekly.com/heritage/norwegian-american-women-of-distinction-elise-boulding/ .  It is based on an interview with her son Russ, who living in neighboring rural Brown County, Indiana, hosted participants at the International Conference on Penal Abolition I organized in 1991 in Bloomington.  My wife Jill and I know Elise and Ken Boulding best as Quaker activists we met and heard at the International Peace Research Association (IPRA), which they co-founded.  One insight that I heard and later read by Elise was the 5-generation window of history in which we live—that among the living there are numbers of great grandparents of children who are old enough to remember people of their great grandparents’ generation, and learn history and past traditions from their elders before they die.  Beyond that, for Jill and me both, our years in IPRA were richly rewarding, both to gain a global understanding of peace studies traditions and work, but to make lasting friendships and ties.  Elise, I join Russ: you live in me, you are remembered.  Love and peace, hal

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