Friday, October 9, 2009

Norge mitt Norge--Norway my Norway, thanks for the peace prize

Hal Pepinsky,,
October 9, 2009
What an irony. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee cites Barak Obama for shifting US gov discourse from unilateral to multilateral. US media response is overwhelmingly that President Obama doesn’t deserve the prize because he as yet has made no one anywhere else in the world cave to US demands…unilaterally.
Mr. Obama, I too celebrate the shift from confrontation to diplomacy that you have set in motion. I believe you are for real in doing so, and the world becomes a safer place for us all if we support the multilateralism you have repeatedly declared to be national policy. Thank you!
I consider Norway a second home, and am thus a little proud that Norwegian fellows could once again rise above picking winners and instead pick co-operators. Mr. Obama, congratulations. May your prize encourage us all to forsake being number one for working as one among nations. Love and peace--hal

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  1. You understand swedish? :) I thought that if you speak norwegian, you might understand swedish as well?
    I love your blog! I've read it all morning and I will continue to do so! :)
    VERY interesting!

    It says that you're interested in why people are violent towards children?
    This is something that I am interested in... I've been searching an answer to the question "why?" for a long, long time... Why me? My father abused me, but not my sister... And that's why I've been searching, but I guess I'll never know why.

    Ah, well... Anyways, this is a very interesting blog and I will continue to read it. :)