Wednesday, October 7, 2009

tribute to only member of congress to oppose Afghan invasion

Dear folks at , where I played this interview. Juan Gonzalez, I consider you a national journalistic treasure, thanks for being there.
I tried to send the message below directly to Rep Lee, but I find e-mail access to her limited to her congressional district constituents. If you have a chance to pass this along, please do. She helped remind me that my attitude isn’t insane. Thanks--hal

Worthington, Ohio, USA, 10.07.09
To US Rep Barbara, D-Cal
Dear Ms. Lee,
I’m newly retired. Professionally in criminal justice texts, I am listed as a co-founder of “peacemaking criminology” (just start with my new blog at ).
Today at I watched you on the capitol steps while Juan Gonzalez interviewed you.
My senatorial heroes remain Russ Feingold on international issues and Bernie Sanders on local issues; now in the House there is you. Thank you for being the only one not to have abrogated your Congressional constitutional duty not to authorize a president to go to war without a prior Congressional declaration.
Rep. Lee, thank you so much for inspiring me and countless others to carry on the tradition of voting against military aggrandizement on grounds that being Constitutional serves all our interests. Let me know wherever, however, I might be useful to a cause I believe we share, which I call “peacemaking.” Thanks again—love and peace—hal (

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