Sunday, March 31, 2013

David Foster Wallace: This is Water Speech

(link to This is Water speech by David Foster Wallace:
                      Hal  Pepinsky,, "peacemaking" at
                                                        March 31, 2013

    That's twice for me in one Easter!  Earlier today (, I heard John R. Lewis describe his faith in the same terms I currently use to describe "peacemaking."  Now, on the npr program "To the Best of Our Knowledge" (, following rebroadcast of an interview with his sister) this Easter afternoon, I hear the late David Foster Wallace reading the part of this commencement address toward the end where he turns practical advice on worshiping care and attention rather than power, one's own achievements, or one's own body.  In his own words, Wallace has just lived on to me, a voice declaring a religiosity I share.  Anarchist that I am, I'm not used to spending a day with two independent religious worshipers.  love and peace, hal

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