Thursday, March 7, 2013

In recognition of International Women's Day tomorrow, watch this

What a gift on the eve of International Women's Day.  I had wondered what had made Romanians so want to obliterate the Ceausecus.  Now I know.

This is the most thoroughly carried out multigenerational eugenics program I have ever encountered, Romanian Decree 770 of 1966.  This Brave New World makes the struggle for women's reproductive rights against anti-abortionists seem pretty tame.  I will not forget the disappearance of the frogs, and in this case, I actually find myself appreciating the wisdom of the death penalty.  Will surprises never end.  Thanks again Adrian.  I'll check out your other links in due course.  l&p hal

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You might find of some interest a Romanian documentary made
freely available by Florin Iepan, the director of the movie:


Children of the Decree - Full Movie


Also, a documentary about placebo phenomena and its many
aspects is available here:


Placebo: Cracking the Code (Video)


You can download them with programs like YouTube Downloader?



Other academic materials that might be of interest to you:


Free articles Wiley ? International Women?s Day


Transpersonal studies


Foucault studies





Adrian Andreescu


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