Sunday, March 24, 2013

spring holy week greetings to you as here, to my neighbors in Rush Creek Village

I took my morning walk after breakfast and my Sunday morning worship service, listening to on 89.7 from 7-8am, just after sunrise.  It is overcast, but I can hear about 5 male cardinals singing their morning songs.  The fellow who generally greets me during the day around my front yard is facing east near the top of the oak tree at the Conlon's house across the street.  As I turn east on South Street, a flock of Canada geese flies over me headed northwest out of the valley below the school.  I pass yardsful of male robins singing as they hunt for critters in the ground.  I turn onto White Oak Place and as usual turn about retracing my steps homeward, now headed south.  A broad-winged hawk (I googled her identification) comes into sight from over the playground.  As she passes over the Mackenzies', she turns back, circles, and glides gently over my head, looking down at me as she passes, as I stand looking up at her transfixed.  It may be a rather dark and quiet morning in Rush Creek Village, but on this holy weekend celebrating the advent of the first full moon after the vernal equinox, the birds are telling me that spring is in full bloom.  Love and peace--hal

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