Monday, February 3, 2014

in Dylan Farrow's defense

From: Pepinsky, Harold E.
Sent: Monday, February 03, 2014 1:23 PM
Subject: re Woody Allen's denial

Woody Allen's denial of daughter Dylan Farrow's story is purely legally, and legally, entirely true.  It is res judicata, established by law that the facts of how Woody Allen treated Dylan is legally settled for all time, and include none of the mother's allegations that Dylan was sexually assaulted being recognized or acknowledged.

I twice testified as an expert on "peacemaking" evaluation of child custody issues before judges who accepted my plain judgment that there was no evidence that the child's first allegations were coached, and that fathers' experts' had only obscured this fact by presenting all the standard false memory syndrome suggestions that it was common practice for such allegations to be put in children's heads by mothers and counselors, where judges took the exceptional measure of leaving the children in the mothers' custody.

I have over the years written about these experiences and their implications.  Dylan Farrow is now an adult, free to speak her truth, assured that her father would never dare sue her for libel where truth would be her defense, bravely, like many protective mothers I have befriended, given me the gift of exemplifying why I presume to believe these children's allegations, without asking readers to rely on my reporting of what so many children and adult survivors have told me.  And so, Dylan, I thank you with deep appreciation for your courage for sharing a story countless other children can't tell and be believed by adults who count.  l&p hal

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