Thursday, January 22, 2015

Guantanamo Diary


Hal Pepinsky,, “peacemaking” at

January 22, 2015


                Most of today’s “Democracy Now!” program is devoted to the Guantanamo Diary (Larry Siems, Ed.) of  prisoner Mohamed Ould Slahi (  Morris Davis, who resigned as chief military prosecutor shortly after getting acquainted with Slahi, describes him as innocent, and remarkably forgiving of his captors for following orders (some of whom teach him how to play chess well enough to beat them).  After 12 years, Slahi remains a prisoner, sustained no doubt by the measure of support he has received from those who appear in today’s program.

                Slahi’s story confirms my belief in our capacity to acknowledge the violence in ourselves that we seek to destroy in others, and the indomitability of human resistance to responding in kind or as ordered.  That is the material of which peace is made.  Love and peace, hal

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