Sunday, January 11, 2015

Worth Reading and Hearing


Hal Pepinsky,, “peacemaking” at

January 11, 2015


                I’ve joined the global crowd in being riveted by events since the mass shooting at Hebdo, including today’s mass rally in Paris against terrorist threats to free speech.  I keep listening for voices of larger perspective than free speech vs. indignation at using hate speech to inflame anti-immigrant sentiment.  Today on the website, I found my most informative discussion so far, a blog post by Omid Safi, at .  This is the kind of understanding which reframes national security, and for what matter police-community debates.

                While at the “On Being” website (I listen to the program religiously), I also found a wonderful portrayal of the problem of needing to stay so busy that our children, let alone our adult selves, have no time to get acquainted, to play, by Safi again, on “the disease of being busy,” at .

                I read Safi’s essays after listening to this week’s conversation between host Krista Tippett with Courtney Martin and Parker Palmer on “the inner life of rebellion,” at .  I find comfort in their company; I call my rebellion “peacemaking.”  This blog post of mine is for listening to others, and sharing with you.  Love and peace, hal

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