Monday, January 5, 2015

Who's afraid of the ICC?


Hal Pepinsky,, “peacemaking” at

January 5, 2015


                The Palestinian Authority has gone ahead and formally applied for membership in the International Criminal Court.  They seek prosecution of Israelis responsible for the thousands of Palestinians killed in the latest Israeli invasion of Gaza, fed by uninterrupted U.S. military supply.  In retaliation, Israel has blocked payments for Palestinian civil service workers.  The PA has also failed to defer to US UN Ambassador Powers’ advice that its filing would be “counterproductive.”  A point is being made that Israel does not subscribe to the Rome Treaty creating the Court.

                The US does not subscribe to the treaty either.  In the Obama years, it has “cooperated” (that is, played informant) in selected ICC prosecutions, as of members of the Lord’s Resistance Army.  The US government takes upon itself supreme power to decide whether its fighting forces will suffer legal consequences for crimes other than those they impose themselves.  In defending Israel’s position, “we” are reaffirming our own.  The US is above the international law of criminality.  The irony of President Obama’s posture of being the world’s supreme guarantor of law and order is that we above all others hold ourselves above the law.  The irony cannot be lost on the international community, including those “we” continue to turn into enemies.

And as to recent conversation on the devaluation of black and brown lives on our city streets, what applies to US at home applies to US abroad.  Love and peace, hal


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